Corporate Sailing 

All Corporate Sailing Series run for six weeks at a time, if you are unable to complete all six weeks we are able to come to arrangements where the time is shared between companies so you can pick and choose weeks. The cost per boat per session is $150.00. This cost includes a complementary beverage from the Napier Sailing Club post session. It is a great way to boost team morale within offices and encourage a little healthy competition between businesses. 

Tuesday Series

Friday Afternoon Series

Friday Evening Series



Tuesdays 5.30pm start.

Aimed at businesses who have a skipper in their midst, a more 'competitive' corporate sailing. We can also provide a skipper if necessary.

Friday 3.00pm start.

Aimed at businesses who may have more flexible working hours such as real estate or consultancy firms. We can also provide a skipper if necessary.

Friday 5.30pm start.

Aimed at businesses who want a social experience and mix in with other companies . We will provide a skipper if necessary and train participants.

We offer sponsorship options for companies. There is an option to have your companies branding as vinyl on the hulls of the boat. 

There is also branding on the sails.

The cost is per season with Hull branding being 1,500.00 and sail branding being 1,000 please enquire 


if you are interested in our sponsorship options.